Jeremy Simes

Jeremy Simes is a reporter with The Canadian Press.

Jeremy's Latest Articles

Winnipeg man pleads guilty to manslaughter in the death of Saskatchewan RCMP officer

The mother of a Saskatchewan RCMP officer who was killed two years ago says it was “hell” to watch a Winnipeg man plead guilty to manslaughter in her son’s death. Alphonse Stanley Traverse pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the charge in Regina Court of King’s Bench for his role in Const. Shelby Patton’s death. Traverse also pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing a motor vehicle.

Saskatchewan RCMP’s top Mountie says relationships built after mass stabbing

While Saskatchewan’s top Mountie says policing hasn’t dramatically changed since last year’s mass stabbing on a First Nation, what has is the RCMP’s relationship with the community. Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said James Smith Cree Nation’s new security team has become an extra set of eyes and ears, working closely with RCMP should officers need to be called in.

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