Manitoba NDP leader promises more critical mineral development

Wab Kinew said Manitoba can produce critical minerals with higher labour and environmental standards than other areas.

Manitoba’s Opposition NDP leader says he would work to boost critical mineral development if he becomes premier in October.

Wab Kinew told the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce that Manitoba has cobalt, lithium and other critical minerals, and can produce them with higher labour and environmental standards than other areas.

Kinew laid out some of his general plans, without any specific costs attached, to the business audience during a luncheon.

He says a NDP government would balance the budget within a first term, boost child care and expand immigration.

He is also promising to set up a panel of experts on infrastructure to ensure projects are free from politics.

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Finance Minister Cliff Cullen says Kinew has opposed mining in the past and the NDP would raise taxes in moving toward a balanced budget.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 23, 2023

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