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The Flatlander is an online journalism project that covers Manitoba and Saskatchewan,  founded by journalist Kelly-Anne Riess in November, 2021. 

Over the last 20 years, on the Prairies and beyond, local newsrooms have shrunk, which means there’s not much investigative journalism in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This needs to change. Power needs to be held to account. 

This online journalism project is in its early stages, but my hope is to grow The Flatlander into a high-quality news site via a movement called slow journalism.

Instead of pumping out news stories daily, The Flatlander will take its time to offer nuanced, fair writing that untangles complex issues facing Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It won’t be just reporting on the problems, it will also highlight solutions. 

The Flatlander strives to make civic and societal issues that impact the Canadian Prairies more comprehensible.

The Flatlander has no paywall, meaning readers do not have to pay to access stories. It is our belief that vital information needs to be seen by the people impacted.

The Flatlander  is a member of LION (Local Independent Online News Publishers) and the Indiegraf network of independent publishers.


The Flatlander adheres to the ethics guidelines outlined by the Canadian Association of Journalists. How we deal with errors and omissions in our reporting is important to maintaining our integrity and the trust of readers and sources. When The Flatlander publishes an error, we will acknowledge it and take appropriate steps to correct it as quickly as possible, both online and on our social media platforms. Readers who wish to alert us to errors and omissions can email Kelly at [email protected].

Who creates The Flatlander?

Originally from Regina, Kelly-Anne Riess is a journalist with 20 years experience. She’s spent most of her life living and working in the Prairie Provinces. Her past work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Canadian Geographic, Chatelaine and on CBC.

Her professional colleagues may prefer to be based in large urban areas, like Toronto. But Riess believes the best stories are found outside of the big cities.You can read more about her here

Kelly-Anne Reiss

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