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Since launching in 2021, several readers have gotten us off the ground by becoming founding members of The Flatlander. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Your donations help us tell the stories that have long gone untold in the Prairies, and ensure that we can pay our freelance writers a fair wage. Join our growing list of founding members by opening a recurring gift today.

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Our Prairie stories.

Some donors have chosen not to share their names publicly. We know their names and we are grateful.

If we have inadvertently left you off our Members wall, please let us know!

  • Mary-Anne Parker
  • Ronald Gladu
  • Nick Hildebrand
  • Don Rose
  • Paul Heglund
  • Robin Sparkes
  • Tom Sangster
  • Melany Jordan
  • Steve S
  • Reta Love
  • Shelley Buchan
  • Clayton Case
  • Bruce Penton
  • Judi Erickson
  • Chris James
  • Helen Todd Armstrong
  • Rick Pinchin
  • Ken Winterholt
  • Lynne Knox
  • Michelle Desautels
  • Shaun Harman
  • Brenda Niskala
  • Lois Wilson
  • Doug Fehr
  • Samuel Robinson
  • Betty Reynolds
  • Kevin Sinclair
  • Paula Mills
  • Ron Cook
  • Brenda Rech
  • Beverly Boyle
  • Helmut-Harry Loewen
  • Cheryl Banks
  • Leo Rempel
  • Wendy Boyd
  • Sandra Birdsell
  • Laurica Stepan
  • Frederick Shirtliffe
  • Lloyd Sandercock
  • Mikael Riess

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