Flatlander reader shares experience buying EV

A Flatlander reader said the hardest part about making the switch to an electric vehicle was finding a car in stock.

Buying an EV in Saskatchewan presented challenges and luck and turned into a series of fortunate events. 

We approached several Saskatoon dealerships looking for an EV with the most range we could afford. In each dealership, there was a six-month to three-year waiting list. Eventually, we entered a dealership that had just received a used 2021 EV, but in consultation with our son, we found we could drive to Edmonton and buy a brand-new EV for less. We reconsidered, since a new car out of province was within reach. On a whim, my partner decided to call another dealership in Saskatoon. A brand new 2023 EV had just arrived, still in plastic. The asking price was less than a used model and included a $5,000 federal rebate and an impressive warranty package. This was the first brand-new car that we had ever purchased. It was time to make a decision, as our 2009 car, with 280,000 km, was ageing. Our new EV is wonderful for trips to the city from our rural home and business. 

I like plugging in the EV — my hands stay clean and don’t smell like gas. We’re getting great tips for finding EV charging stations and getting the most range.

There are significant numbers of drivers in Saskatchewan wanting to buy an EV. Waiting lists indicate consumer demand exceeds supply. We need more high-speed charging stations to meet that demand. Drivers are on board and ready to meet the future. 

Gayle Smith

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